February 20, 2024

An awareness and educational workshop entitled “Quality control and safety of gluten-free food in the hotel sector”.
The Jordan Hotels Association held an awareness-raising workshop on Tuesday, 20/2/2024, in cooperation with Celiac Care Providers Charity, to educate chefs and food and beverage staff on the importance of providing knowledge and tools for people with Celiac disease to understand and manage the situation effectively, and to enable hotels chefs to identify appropriate foods, nutrition and how to deal with the challenges they can face.
The General Manager of the Jordan Hotels Association, Mr. Mustafa Kawash, welcomed the attendence of the workshop and pointed out the importance of this workshop and how it could meet the needs of guests with celiac disease,as it reflects our commitment to provide exceptional service to our guests.
The workshop also contributed knowledge about the possibility of making menus with gluten-free meals to ensure the general safety of people with Celiac desease. The workshop was welcomed and interacted by the attendees and grateful for setting up such workshops that will help them gain the necessary knowledge.
At end of the workshop, Mr. Mustafa Kawash and Mrs. Abeda Al Qaisi has awarded the certificates to all participants.

  • Organizer Name: Jordan Hotels Association with Celiac Care Providers Charity
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