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The Jordan Hotels Association (JHA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1969. JHA’s regulation was first amended in accordance with the regulation number (32) of year 1997.
Further amendments were applied afterwards with the latest being the regulation number (5) of year 2020 issued under article (17) of the tourism law number (20) of year 1988and its amendments. The association is managed by a board of directors composed of the chairman and eight members who are appointed through confidential elections. The members represent all hotel establishments of different categories. The board serves a three- year term from election date. The association has been striving for over 50 years to upgrade the hotel and tourism services provided at the establishments, and has been working sponsor, improve, and promote the interests of all its members. JHA seeks, under the direction of Hashemite vision, to fulfill the comprehensive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Economic Modernization Vision in an effort to support and develop the national economy.

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Jordan hotels association offer many types of training during the year to support the hospitality industry, mostly related to Housekeeping – Front Office – Food And Beverage

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