January 17, 2024

An awareness workshop for the hotel sector was held on Wednesday, 17/01/2024, in cooperation between Jordan Hotels Association and the Ministry of Labor, In the presence of the engineer Mr. Ayman Rashid; a board member of JHA representing five-star hotels in Jordan, and Mr. Mustafa kawash; GM of JHA. Mr. Kawash inaugurated the workshop addressing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) systems and regulations for the year 2023. In his opening speech, he emphasized the significance of this workshop in raising awareness among sector employees about the latest issued regulations and instructions. The workshop had a profound impact on enhancing the understanding of occupational safety and health, contributing to the overall well-being of the workforce. The workshop, in its technical presentations, comprehensively covered the systems and regulations issued for the year 2023, with a focus on practical aspects and effective implementation of those systems. The workshop received active engagement from the attendees, who participated with their questions and comments, enriching the discussion on various aspects of occupational safety and health in the hospitality sector. Engineer Ayman Rasheed, played a prominent role in shedding light on the challenges and opportunities of implementing those systems in five-star hotels. He contributed to enriching the discussion with his hotel expertise and vision. The workshop was attended by various stakeholders involved in the implementation of occupational safety and health regulations in hotel facilities. These participants included individuals from the Human Resources department, as well as safety and health supervisors in this vital sector, representing all hotel establishments in the Kingdom.

During the workshop, the Director of Occupational Safety and Health, Engineer Najah Abu Tafesh, and the Head of the Accidents and Work Injuries Department, Engineer Iman Al-Abdallat, presented a detailed overview of the systems and regulations issued for the year 2023. The presentation focused on the optimal implementation of these systems and regulations, the list of occupational hazards in the workplace, the impact of these hazards on employees, and the preventive measures and precautions to protect workers from these risks. They also explained the risk assessment process, with a specific emphasis on the most common occupational hazards in the hotel sector. The presentation covered various preventive measures to mitigate each type of hazard in the workplace. Additionally, the workshop addressed the system of preventive and therapeutic medical care for workers in establishments, introduced and explained the formation of occupational safety and health committees, and the appointment of supervisors in institutions. The workshop also provided instructions related to the classification and determination of the economic activity’s risk level, risk assessment in the work environment, identification of types of occupational hazards in the work environment, and the necessary precautions and measures for prevention in 2023.The workshop included discussion sessions and question-and-answer opportunities to encourage the exchange of information and experiences among experts and attendees from various hotels. At the end of the workshop, Engineer Najah Abu Tafesh expressed gratitude to all participants. Attendees were provided with copies of the presentations, as well as the systems and regulations issued during the year 2023. Certificates of participation were handed out to all attendees by the General Manager of the Association, the Director of Occupational Safety and Health, and the Head of the Accidents and Work Injuries Department.

  • Organizer Name: Jordan Hotels Association
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