Chairman's Message

See Challenges ... See Opportunity!

 Jordan the land of tens of thousands of archaeological sites and rich history relies on the Tourism sector for its economic growth. It is the largest productive private industry in the country, and the second largest in terms of foreign exchange earnings. 

Despite the regional turmoil, Jordan's tourism sector has fared well with seemingly no negative growth and new properties are under construction with about 8000 new rooms coming up in the next 24 months.

 The Jordan Hotel association has succeeded in reducing taxation both value added and income tax for all developments outside Amman and the association has been instrumental in providing quality labor to the hotel industry through its Ammon Applied College. Also with other sector partners the association is playing a major role in promoting the country through the Jordan Tourism Board.

Jordan and the travel and Tourism Sector can and will prosper with collaboration, revolutionary understanding, and ambition with a combination of the two. The Jordan Hotel Association (JHA) Website is one of the most comprehensive industry guides in Jordan, and an effective promotional tool with promising potential. So, let us all work together towards the future of the industry. Invest in every developing prospect at hand, and The members collaboration in making this website a success is one of them.

Abdul-Hakeem Al-Hindi
Chairman of the Board