General Manager’s Message

Developing a long-term strategic plan to develop the JHA and protect its environment crystallizing it into a unique and pioneering experience among tourism associations. It is the steppingstone for planning for the future of hotel and tourism sectors in Jordan. JHA’s plan will adhere to an integrated approach involving both decision makers and the JHA employees to completely upgrade the hotel and tourism sectors via a clear and organized work plan which includes several objectives that will benefit the hotel sector.

Consequently, the Association pledges to do its utmost to achieve the vision and execute its mission, strategy, objectives, and projects. With this, we aim to position the association as an innovator and forerunner and help it to manifest the purpose for which it was established. We hope that this strategy will be a humble seed from which the tourism and hotel sector in Jordan can flourish and grow under the Hashemite rule.

Mustafa Kawash– JHA Assistant General Manager