Jordan Hotel Association launches its new website

In order to make effective participation in activating the tourist and hotel sector, to develop the organized business tools of the Association and the members thereof, to play it role along with the formal sector and to keep up with the latest developed in field of hotel business according to the latest international practices; on 30th August, in Century Park Hotel, Amman, the Association held ceremony for launching its new website , which is presented in a new appearance by Imagine IT Co. Such company developed and designed the new website and will provide within the following months a booking engine for the Association, so that the considerations of creating such engine are under discussion with iMENA DIGITAL Co. to serve all hotel facilities in the Kingdom easily against commission suitable for all hotel categories. The booking engine ( will be used, until finalizing the creation of the booking engine of the Association.

The launching ceremony, to which the representatives of the member hotel facilities were invited, dealt with all services rendered by the website including (recruitment services, hotel services providers, electronic licensing, circulars, news, free page for each hotel facility, introductory page in the Association, board members and objectives thereof, news pages, activities of the Association, the hotel sector and other important pages and services). The representatives of the companies that execute the new website displayed a presentation contains a detailed explanation on the sections of the website, the method of using it and the utilization of the various services thereof. Moreover, the (User Name and Password) were delivered to the official of the Association's website at each facility to complete all information and images of the hotel facilities and to utilize the services available in the website. iMENA DIGITAL Co. presented the services of the electronic booking and some of the electronic services and products that aim at serving and facilitating the tasks of the hotel facilities and the requirements of the tourists equally.

Whereas, the site contains page for the hotels services providers with list of names of companies that provide the hotel facilities with the services and the products, their general data, services and commodities presented by each company classified into some categories including (the devices, programs, equipments, furniture, Linens, security services and others), so that each category represents a subpage. For such reason, the Association works in coordination with Jordan Chamber of Industry to prepare an organized action agreement includes the local companies ad institutions in order to be added to the Association's website. Consequently, this page will serve as a database for the suppliers and reference for the hotel facilities, investors and website visitors in way supports the local industries and enhances the participation between the hotel sector and the industry sector, so that the new website will be complete and comprehensive window for all information of hotel facilities within the Kingdom, because it renders services assist in developing the hotel and tourist sector and facilitate some of the applicable routine procedures.