Organizing periodic visits by Jordan Hotel Association

In order to complete the periodic visits, with purpose of following up the efficiency and quality of the hotel service and to achieve the international quality standards in the tourist facilities and services; Jordan Hotel Association organized periodic visits include all member hotel facilities. It visited two hotel facilities in the Capital Province, three stars class, to provide the advice and guidance for them and consequently to develop the level of the rendered services, provide the advice for the persons in charge of such facilities, and to avoid the negatives and improve the situation of the facility. Thereafter, the Association prepares a detailed report for each visit, keeps such report in the facility's file for reference and sends copy thereof to the facility to show its situation and the weaknesses of the facility with indication that such weaknesses shall be remedied according to the standards and bases that shall be satisfied by such hotel facilities so as to keep up with the new developments related to the hotel sector and to constantly contact with the hotel facilities throughout the year.