Empowering the police department to become an active part in growing a secure tourism.

As part of the Tourism Police Department's plan and continued efforts to develop strategic partnerships with different sectors of the tourism industry, Tourism Police Department Director Colonel Dr. Tamir Maayta, met with the Jordan Hotel Association General Manager Mr. Vatché Yergatian, along with general managers of 5 and 4-star hotels from Amman and the Dead Sea, in a two-day presentation that took place on Sunday 20 and Monday 21, January, 2019 at Century Park Hotel in Amman. The meeting included a briefing about the Tourism Police Department in English and Arabic and its contribution to maintaining tourism security. 
The meeting also introduced the new tourism investigation patrol service and the restructuring of the tourism police escort service by applying new operating standards. 
The meeting aimed at sharing and presenting ideas that will ultimately ensure an excellent and innovative security system is in place, providing a new added value to Jordan's tourism security, which will in turn enhance trust in country's safety among tourists, as service recipients, as well as investors in tourism