Signing a Cooperation Agreement to Operate a Booking Engine for JHA

Based in the objective of JHA in sponsoring the interests of its members and activating tourism and E-Marketing through various electronic services, the association decided to work on developing and activating the performance of the association website so that the site includes several pages and services provided to a number of target groups of (users (Hotel Establishments), Tourists, investors, suppliers and site visitor in general), to be a marketing service site in the first place, in additional to documenting all the achievements of a number of services and facilitate many tasks.
The JHA signed a cooperation agreement with Travo Tec  Information Technology Company, It is a company specialized in the development of electronic travel systems and has an Hotel Reservation platform, in order to activate the electronic booking engine for the JHA, So that the tourist through this service do electronic booking and inquire about the information of any hotel, and to develop all hotel business in order to facilitate for the tourist and hotel at the same time through this agreement.