What we do?

Emanating from our belief in this sector, and led by our mission and vision, we offer our members the following internal and external objectives to enhance their business and streamline their processes aiming to enhance their services and improve their revenues:
  • Safeguard the interests of the Association and its members, preserve their rights, best serve and represent them to different entities.
  • Present contemporary concepts to different tourism associations, as part of JHA's comprehensive efforts to keep up with quality management trends. 
  • Cooperate with tourism entities to develop the tourism workforce, and build an effective community consortium with both public and private entities to achieve sustainable development. 
  • Upgrade workforce competency in the hotel sector, expand and develop training programs that serve the needs of hotel establishments to match job market requirements.
  • Provide statistical data to serve the sector, build strategies, share comprehensive development plans with hotel establishments, as well as conduct statistical and analytical research based on labor market needs. 
  • Participate in identifying and locating conventions, and seminars, as well as terminologies for different areas of tourism, including those related to the standards of practice. 
  • Upgrade tourism services and adopt international standards in classification and marketing.
  • Develop JHA’s electronic functions and employ latest technologies to facilitate the effective running of its tasks and to achieve its objectives efficiently.
  • Develop, improve, modify and preserve an up-to-date database for hotel establishments based on the latest technologies available. 
  • Strengthen relations between JHA and parties involved in hotel and tourism employment.
  • Hold tourism sector-based meetings and seminars to best represent associate hotels at national and international industry exhibits. 
  • Create an environment that stimulates creativity and excellence throughout JHA. 
  • Train staff and develop administrative and professional capacities of the Association.
  • Develop contemporary administrative support systems to streamline JHA's functions and establish outstanding leadership that promotes team spirit.
  • Develop and invest in human resources to meet the needs of both the Association and the hotel sector.
  • Build and develop computer software for the Association and contribute to enhance the internal work environment.
  • Ensure transparent and open communication with public and private entities