JHA Leadership Hierarchy Values Principles

The Jordan Hotel Association is driven by a set of essential values and principles, which help upgrade its overall performance. These indispensable values support and drive the Association towards achieving its vision and mission, constituting the ethical face of the association, as well as comprising the basis for JHA’s connections with different institutions, individuals and entities.
  • Communication: Establish clear and effective communication and obtain feedback.
  • Participation: Encourage individuals and entities to participate and lead. 
  • Exchange: Share ideas, information and resources, in addition to best and worst practices.
  • Integrity: Demonstrate the highest behavioral standards.
  • Passion: Believe in our work and show commitment to JHA’s vision and mission.
  • Leadership: Provide employees, partners and members with opportunities to initiate, direct, inspire and give. 
  • Quality Oriented: Seek to preserve excellence in all that we do.
  • Adaptation: Respond to a constantly changing environment.
  • Creativity: Adopt new ideas and solutions.
  • Pleasure: Create joy through the process of participation.
  • Development: Constructively develop evolving ideas and solutions.